Anne Ireland

Anne Ireland lives in England. She is happily married and loves to write. She hopes to bring as much pleasure to her readers as her books do to her. She lives in a pleasant bungalow and enjoys her garden, especially watching the birds and squirrels. She also likes to walk, swim, and eat out at a nice restaurant sometimes. Her particular passion is for stylish shoes and she would love a pair of Jimmy Choo but doesn’t have them as yet. She is a very busy person and writes under other names. Some of her paperbacks have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide but she is still working hard at making a niche for herself in the ebook market. She also writes as Lynn Granville, Linda Sole and Anne Herries.


  The Bastard

Saga Period Romance

Bethany will never forget the tragic day in the woods when the cousins first met the Bastard. None of them could guess at what terrible repercussions this meeting would have or how it would affect all their lives. Are they all destined to suffer for their childish folly, or will some of them find happiness at last?

Crippled and twisted in body and mind, Stephen carries a deep hatred of the bastard who caused his accident. He will take his revenge on all those who care for him, but it is Jake and Bethany he hates the most.

Michael loves Bethany and is prepared to use any means at his disposal to have her. Torn between two men, Bethany finds her solace in the care of children sent away from their homes because of the terrible war that pours havoc on the streets of England's cities. Despite the pain they inflict, she remains loyal to those she cares for and can only watch helplessly as they bring about their own destruction. Can she find happiness for herself?