Averil Ireland

Averil Ireland lives in England by the Sea in Norfolk, she is retired and lives with her husband and their little dog. She has four wonderful sons and many, many much loved grand children. Their home backs on to a small wood where several families of Owls live and have babies every year and where numerous squirrels scamper about the trees and often visit her garden, where they are fed and welcomed.


  The Lost Heir by Averil Ireland

Regency Romance M/F

Dealing with the sudden death of his father, Kit finds letters that neither he nor his mother knew of. It appears that Charles (who was killed in the wars), Kit's twin brother, may have had a wife and child, whom his father knew of, but did not divulge to anyone else. If Charles' wife was delivered of a son this child would be heir to the Stanford titles and estates. Kit determines to trace the widow who is called Lucy and hopefully her child. But in trying to do so meets with many false trails and almost despairs of ever finding the missing heir or the widow. But during the search he meets a young woman who he cannot forget. Will he be successful in his quest and will he meet his destiny?

  Melissa and the Impossible Frenchie by Averil Ireland

Regency Romance

Melissa found Andre impossible: he was arrogant, proud and he drove her to distraction, but she could not help her heart leaping every time she saw him.

Andre is haunted by things that Melissa can know nothing of. He knows he must return to France and rescue those he loves. He has no time for romance in his life and he particularly does not wish to be bothered with a troublesome English miss, but Melissa will not be ignored. He becomes involved with her despite his determination to stay aloof but when she forces him to take her on his dangerous mission to France, he is determined to punish her.

Melissa is falling deeply in love, but the Frenchman is impossible and he makes her want to weep. However, she will not give into her distress and is determined to fight back. Despite needing his help on several occasions, she too has her pride.

Can Andre tame the fiery Englishwoman, and can Melissa overcome the impossible Frenchie's arrogance. Can they find happiness together at the last?