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  Deeply Hidden Desires

Contemporary Erotic Romance

Tara has a problem a very big problem. You wouldn't think so to look at her. She is gorgeous from her lean, well-formed legs to the bronze shimmer of her complexion. But what made most men stop to stare were those thick, full rose- colored lips. Yet Tara has a problem. She is madly in love with Kendrick who takes days to return her calls, who pays her less and less attention. Even the sex is becoming routine. She's just gotten her first job as a registered nurse, but her boss Dr. Conrad is incredibly sexy, and clearly interested in Tara.

And then there's Makala. Dr. Conrad's secretary is attractive, aggressive, and in love with Dr. Conrad. And, naturally, she hates Tara. And Makala is in a very good position to sabotage Tara's work.

Should Tara try to work it out with Kendrick? And surely it's best not to get on Makala's bad side. But Dr. Conrad's skin is as black as a starless night and as smooth as a baby's behind. And the smoldering glances he sends Tara's way, well, she just starts to melt. . .

Patricia Richardson author of Place for Ida and A Time for Jonathan is taking a whole new direction in her first foray into erotic literature. Deeply Hidden Desires will hold you spellbound as you travel with Tara through heartbreak, forbidden desires, and the ecstasy of true love. Don't miss this latest offering from one of our most exciting authors!

  A Place For Ida

Mainstream Fiction/Coming of Age Fiction

A Place For Ida offers a fresh insight into racism and coming of age through the eyes of a child. Abandoned by her parents at a tender age, she was left to be raised by her grandmother. By the age of thirteen, Ida longed for touch and affection. Everyone was already telling her she was a heartbreaker...with the strong shapely muscular legs of a stallion. It was pathetic the way she forced herself upon men.

Billy, her first true love, would send her life into a whirlwind of emotions, causing a sea of passion that Ida hardly had the capacity to control herself. During the early 1960's when the world was changing so fast, Ida tried her best to surpass time.

  A Time For Jonathan

Mainstream Fiction

In A Time for Jonathan, the exciting sequel to A Place for Ida, Patricia Richardson draws the reader once again into Ida's world. Her precious boy is acting more and more erratically, hitting classmates, striking her. As she struggles to help him, the demons of her childhood come back to haunt her. Could this be the curse she thought she had escaped, coming back to claim her only child?

Whether you are a fan of Ida's, or are meeting her for the first time, you will find her unforgettable. And this tale of love and madness will stay with you long after you put the book down.

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