Dimitri Semenikhin

Dimitri Semenikhin was born on the 15th December 1996 in Moscow, Russia. At the age of 3, he moves to France and quickly learns the language.

Having always been interested in literature and fairy tales in particular, he tries himself at writing at the young age of 7, drafting a few poems and short stories. His stories growing longer and longer, he finally managed to write his debut novel at the age of 12 : "Galaxie Envahie". On a hunch, Semenikhin sends his manuscript to various publishing houses in France and, to his great surprise, gets several publishing contracts. After having published the first Tome at the Editions Persée in 2010, he writes two sequels and publishes them respectively in 2011 and 2012 at Persée.

In the meantime, Semenikhin went on with his studies in Monaco and graduated sumacum lade from middle-school, integrating the Lycée Albert 1er. A few weeks into the semester, he got the idea for his latest novel : Le Bien de l'Humanité. Half-way between science-fiction and a social satyre on teenagers, it was inspired by Semenikhin's classmates and school life. The book went immediately to print in 2012.

Visit Dimitri online: www.dimitrisemenikhin.com


  The Ghost and the Storyteller


When Chris, a high school student meets a mysterious mustached man in a bizarre forest, he is told he must forget this very encounter for the sake of human kind, so he does. But as time goes on, he is beginning to remember the Universe's most well-kept secret, a secret that must never be found out...