Gina Duncan

Gina Duncan lives in a small town in Ohio with the man she loves. Along with being an author of erotic romance, she is also a stay at home mom taking care of her mentally challenged son and raising one of her grandsons. They share their lives and love with three pets (dogs). A mini Pomeranian, a Boston terrier and mix breed. She has one son, two daughters, a step son, two grandsons, and four step grandchildren.

She enjoys having alone time so that she’s able to hear herself think from time to time, (not that that ever happens) but she does enjoy spending time with family and friends. When she’s not writing, she enjoys watching movies, reading and going to Zumba class. She also enjoys traveling and seeing new places.

Besides living in Ohio for most of her life she has also lived in Louisiana and Kentucky for a short time. She was a stated tested nurse aide for a couple of years and a bartender for eight years. Gina always dreamed of being a writer and through it all she never gave up on that dream and now spends most of her time doing just that.

Along with Leap of Faith Publishing she also has books published through Siren-Bookstrand Publishing and Jupiter Gardens Press.

Gina invites you to visit her website:Gina Duncan


  Take My Breath Away by Gina Duncan

BDSM Romance

What if you want one woman, but you're told by her brother, your friend, that you can't have her? Do you date her older sister? Probably not, but that's exactly what Ted decides to do. He tries to change his lifestyle and be the man Cassandra wants, when all he wants is to be is himself, the Master. The one he wants to be his sub isn't Cassandra at all, but her younger sister Tabby.

Ted knows he'd love to tame Tabby the first moment he lays eyes on her, the little minx flirts and teases him mercilessly every chance she gets. Tabby quickly becomes the only woman who has ever been able to make Ted yearn for something more; love and a family. But will Tabby want him once she finds out what kind of man he truly is?

Tabitha is a tease and enjoys it until a Marine recruit that she'd been teasing becomes obsessed with her, now she's not sure what to do. Then there's also Ted, she may have started out teasing him, but she quickly falls for him. How can she convince Ted that she's not teasing, and she wants to be his woman?

  Sophia's Desire by Gina Duncan

Erotic Romance

What happens when your best friend turns out to be the only man you'll ever love, would you do anything for them---anything? Now that Sophia's a grown woman she knows just how much she'd do for Vincent and she's determined to keep him one way or another, even if she has to fight the devil himself, or in this case the devil "herself."

Sophia knows Vince loves her too. She can see it in his eyes and feel it in his touch. It just seems as if every time they find a moment of happiness something or someone comes along to tear them apart. How many times can they hurt each other before there's nothing left to tear apart? Just when she thought their lives were perfect and all her dreams were about to come true Vince does a complete turnaround acting as if he never loved her to begin with. Now, it's up to her to find out what the devil is holding over his head.