Kate Hofman

Born in The Netherlands, Kate moved to London, England, when she was eighteen.

She obtained a BFA as an Art History Major with a Minor in Interior Design. Later she moved to Montreal, Canada. (Thought she might as well be paid for being fluent in French). She owned and operated an art gallery for twelve years.

Kate married Arnold Hofman, whom she describes as a truly fabulous man. Widowed by Arnold's untimely death, there was a huge void in her life. Good friend Nina Bruhns urged her to write.

She says: I did as I was told, and in the next four and a half years I wrote two dozen books. I figured that's what it would take to learn to write. And I was wrong! But Rose Brungard took pity on me and gave unstintingly of her own expertise, sending long explanatory e-mails, which helped me a lot.

Kate is a prolific and successful author with over 50 published books to her credit. You can find her books at All Romance E-books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online distributors.

Some of Kate's other books include:

Mystery Lover

Surprised by Love

Greek Fire

Christmas Dream

For Love of Lorenzo

Forbidden Lover

Her Italian Prince

Golden Heart

Love Lost & Found

Reluctant Prince

Golden Dreamer

Love for Christmas

Summer Solstice

Handsome Devil

Julian's Jungle Book

Golden Adonis

A Sensual Seduction

A Greater Love

A Greek Love Story

Dark Lover

Kate invites readers to visit her website: http://www.katehofman.com


  A Reckless Love

Contemporary Romance

Jessica Palmer just wants to enjoy her vacation in Spain. Too bad her brother, John, simply sees it as a way to pick up chicks. He frequently locks her out of their suite, while he romances young women. Good thing she's just met handsome hotel receptionist Alejandro de Castellón. He gets her a room of her own, so she can have some privacy. Of course the fact that he will be spending as much of that time as he can with her is just a bonus.

Alejandro is sexy, handsome, and oh! so Spanish. He's also something else: something Jessica does not know - he is the son of the owner of the hotel she's staying in. Alejandro keeps his secret because he loves the fact that Jessica is not interested in him for his money and position. She is the kindest and most loving woman he has ever met - but Alejandro does not believe in love--only in passion. At the end of the holiday, they part ways, promising to stay in touch.

Fast Forward to two years later. Alejandro is now the CEO of the chain of Castellón hotels, and comes to Ocean Breeze, where Jessica lives, because they are building a new hotel there. Jessica has never forgotten him, and still loves him, although she has long ago given up all hope of ever seeing him again. Imagine her surprise when her boss tells her his advertising company has landed the account for the new Castellón hotel, and he wants her to design the campaign.

When they see each other again, the passion is just as hot, and the feelings just as deep--at least on Jessica's part. She can't help wondering whether this is merely the beginning of another short-lived love affair--or is it more, this time?